Healthcare costs are
out of control.

Inefficient Reimbursement Process

Reimbursement process consumes 40¢ of every $1.00

Lost Opportunity

On average physicians lose $70,000 in non-billable time interacting with health plans

In US Healthcare waste

Clinical and operational costs comprise 50%

Costs outpace wages by 3x

Insurance premiums growth are 3x higher than relative wage growth

US Healthcare is fragmented
and wasteful.

Wasteful ER Visits

Unnecessary emergency room visits, testing and procedures

No Centralization

No central repository for personal health information

No Personal Guidance

No personal guide to assist with treatment options and direction to appropriate providers

No Single Source

No single source of quality health content

Zest is more for less.

Strategic buying yields the appropriate level of care at lower costs

24/7 access to a trusted healthcare professional

Focus on preventative care and disease management programs to improve health

Happier, healthier employees

With Zest,


Comprehensive guidance at your fingertips

Instant access to healthcare professionals 24/7

High quality providers


Strategic purchasing = savings capture

High quality narrow network

Employee-centric tool to activate health


Channeled volume

Payment at the time of service

Engaged patients

We're getting

Health care costs are going up every year for employers and way outpacing inflation," Keywell said before calling the system "out of control." He added, "When employers start to get data-enhanced transparency and collective buying power, maybe the tide can be turned a little bit.
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Karen Ferrell CEO

Karen is the former CEO of Apollo Health Street. She brings 25+ years of healthcare experience including responsibilty for $32B in medical costs for 12M as an SVP at CIGNA Healthcare.

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