Be smarter.
Buy better.

Zest Health empowers its members to be smarter in their consumption of care through access to content and 24/7 next generation advocacy support. Our members buy better by optimally matching their demand with providers’ supply. The results are refreshing: deeper discounts for the consumer and enhanced economics for providers.

"This app is the best tool I have to help me understand and navigate my health benefits and healthcare needs all in one place. The concierge care team is friendly and supportive when I call in and their help really saves me time scheduling appointments. It used to take me 3 phone calls to find out where I can get the most cost-effective diagnostics, one to the provider, one to the insurance company and one to the doctor's it's just one."

— Zest Health Member, Apple App Store ℠ Review

24/7 Nurse Concierge

Our members are one tap away from the 24/7 concierge support of a Registered Nurse who offers comprehensive, customized guidance.

Appointment Scheduling

In seconds, our members simply find and book time with in-network providers that meet their needs.

Relevant Employer Messaging

We deliver tailored messaging to targeted employees via popular delivery formats like e-mail, voice, SMS and native push notifications.

Zest Shopping Marketplace

Our innovative purchase techniques and payment dynamics eliminate system waste, delivering savings on goods and services to consumers and lower risk to providers.

One App, All Your Benefits

We simplify health benefits. Our members have up-to-date details on their consumption of care, including deductible progress and cost exposure for different encounters.

Portable Across Plans

With a consistent experience across health plans, our members’ ability to navigate the health system remains unchanged as employer benefits evolve.

About Us

Healthcare costs are out of control and consumers are bearing the burden in the form of higher premiums and deductibles. At Zest, we bring a refreshing consumer-centric approach to healthcare. Our comprehensive solution demystifies healthcare and benefits so that members can save time and money. Members access the Zest Health platform through our mobile apps, available on the App Store and Google Play. The Zest Health app includes four core offerings: Talk to Me, Schedule Me, Zest Shopping and Inform Me.

The Zest Health platform, API and mobile app offer members clarity to their health and benefits that they lacked in the past. With the Zest Shopping Marketplace, we empower consumers looking to purchase health-related products and services, like gym memberships or x-rays, at highly discounted and negotiated rates. Through payment at the time of service and innovative purchase techniques, Zest Health helps lower true out-of-pocket costs at a time it is needed the most.

Healthcare is simple with Zest Health. Be smarter. Buy better.


Brad Keywell


Glen Tullman


Lee Shapiro

Executive Chairman

Operating Team Members
Larry Trusky

Chief Technology Officer

Shawn Ellis

Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan Ozeran

Vice President, Product

Michael Peri

Director, Strategy & Engagement

Laura Patterson

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Daniel Maschmeier

Software Engineering Lead

Phil Slama

Senior Software Engineer

Mendy Quint, RN

Nurse Concierge Manager

Ryan Hill, RN

Nurse Concierge

Cheryl Merrill, RN

Nurse Concierge

Amanda Rizzio, RN

Nurse Concierge

Colleen Carroll, RN

Nurse Concierge

Donnamarie Calderon, RN

Nurse Concierge

Anna Siler, RN

Nurse Concierge


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7wire Ventures looks for and invests in innovative ideas and entrepreneurs that mainly address three critical areas: health care, education, and energy. Through the creation of new businesses, investments in early and growth stage companies, and by complementing funds with insight and experience, we transform great ideas into world-class companies. For more information please visit our website at or like us on Facebook.


The team at Zest Health is always looking to share stories, traction and impact on both the healthcare consumer as well as our employer customers. To connect with us, please email or give us a call at 312-357-5180.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Join Our Team

Product / Engineering
  • QA Software Engineer

    Location: Chicago, IL

    We are seeking an enthusiastic and driven individual to join our Engineering team to focus on web application software development, automated testing and platform growth. The position will provide valuable experience working closely with the Zest engineering and product team and provide exposure to web application technologies as well as integration with 1st and 3rd party services.

  • Sales Associate

    Location: Chicago, IL

    We are seeking a Sales Associate who can contribute to our growth via identification and targeting of employer prospects, pipeline development in targeted markets and strategic approaches to onboarding new customers. The successful candidate will help design effective sales strategies, refine collateral, create proposals and provide voice of the customer feedback in cross functional settings.

Nurse Concierge
  • Concierge Care Nurse

    Location: Chicago, IL

    The importance of the Zest Health brand is paramount, and the Concierge Care Nurse is the ultimate champion of Zest’s brand. A candidate must demonstrate his/her ability to provide exemplary customer service, be a strong advocate for the customer, leverage triage protocols and properly document all interactions.

    Through the Nurse Concierge service, Zest extends true concierge care to all. Zest’s nurses are key representatives that deliver this extraordinary level of service to members on a continuous basis.

  • Marketing Intern

    Location: Chicago, IL

    We’re looking for a part-time intern to take the lead in creating marketing content. Specific responsibilities include: crafting marketing strategies to engage our users, writing and maintaining a fun blog, and drafting creative emails to send out to customers. Since we’re a start-up, you can largely define your own role to make an impact.

    The position would require 10-20 hours/week with flexible hours and location. It is unpaid. But...there is an opportunity for future paid summer and/or full-time employment.

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