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What we believe

Navigating healthcare isn’t easy. We want to change that. Understanding benefit coverage, cost, and deductibles is no small feat. And finding in-network doctors and specialists can be another headache—especially when you already have a headache. Zest provides simple, effective, human access to members’ benefits with our high-tech, high-touch concierge experience. Members get the information they need, on their terms, to make the best decisions for their health.

What we do

We live in a digital, mobile-optimized world where information, goods, and services are available on demand. That instant access is key—especially when you need your healthcare information.

Integrating intuitive digital and mobile solutions, smart data, and our 24/7 tech-enabled concierge team, we’re here the moment members need guidance. We give members clarity on their health plan so they can use their benefits and address personal needs to the fullest extent.

Where we're going

To become the first digital stop for accessing and engaging with healthcare benefits, we’re working on some exciting projects. We’re creating personalized services powered by AI, automation, and human support, giving members a new way to understand and engage with their health benefits. It’s a system set up to save time, money, and hassle. Your healthcare plan should work for you, not the other way around.

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Zest is a simple solution providing real customer value in healthcare. Our services are tailored to the needs of each employee, helping avoid unnecessary medical costs and boost engagement and benefit satisfaction, while alleviating stress for your HR team.


Your clients want to manage costs, increase satisfaction with benefits, and decrease administrative burden—and want a simple way to do it. Equip your clients and employees with an easy solution to take control of their health and benefits.

Health Plans

Premier healthcare deserves premier technology. Our mobile solution amplifies and strengthens your members’ benefits experience. Together, we can help avoid unnecessary costs while enhancing member engagement and satisfaction. Continue to focus on building a better system. Let us make the experience enjoyable, simple, and smart.

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