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What we believe

Since inception, Zest has focused on transforming healthcare navigation with our high tech, high touch concierge experience. We realize healthcare consumers often struggle to understand benefit coverage, cost, and complexity in the very moment that they most need support. We provide simple, effective, intelligent access to members’ benefits so that that they can make optimal navigation decisions conveniently and with confidence.

What we do

We understand that today’s health consumers are accustomed to living in a digital, mobile-optimized world where the information, goods and services they want and need are available on demand. We engage our members in a simple conversation that allows them to ask questions that matter to each individual and take actions. By combining intuitive digital and mobile solutions, data science, and our 24/7 tech-enabled live concierge team, Zest engages people the moment they need guidance so that they understand how and when to use their benefits to address their personal needs.

Where we're going

We are becoming the new, digital, first stop for accessing and engaging with benefits. To achieve this, we are creating personalized services and a network of experts – artificial intelligence and human – to tailor recommendations to match personal preferences and connect consumers to care, all while doing the research and leg work to help save time, energy, and money. Using analogs from other industries, Zest’s focus is to leverage digital tools powered by artificial intelligence, automation, and human support to create a new way for consumers to understand and engage with their health and benefits.

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Our digital and mobile solutions are simpler and provide real consumer value in healthcare. By delivering a broad range of services sensitive to each employee, we help avoid unnecessary medical costs, enhance employee engagement and satisfaction with benefits, and alleviate the stress and burden placed on your HR team.


Now, more than ever, your clients are looking for simple solutions to help manage costs, increase satisfaction with benefits, and decrease administrative burden. As experts, you do have the answers… but do you have the ideal solution? Equip your clients and employees to take control of their health and benefits.

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We believe premier healthcare deserves premier technology. Our mobile solution simplifies and strengthens your members’ benefits experience. Together, we can help avoid unnecessary costs while enhancing member engagement and satisfaction. Continue to focus on building a better system. Let us make the experience enjoyable, simple, and smart.

Our leaders

Jeff Semenchuk
Shawn Ellis
Larry Trusky
Lisa Garvy
Sr. VP of Sales and business development
Sara Walker
Director of Marketing
Dan Maschmeier
Enterprise ARCHitect
Michael Peri
Tara Latta
Laura Patterson
Manager, People Operations

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