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Patty's Zest story

“After my hysterectomy, I got a bill in the mail. I was so upset –– this procedure was supposed to be covered! I called my insurance company to see what was going on. they said the procedure was “not medically necessary” and I’d therefore have to pay. (Trust me, I did not get a hysterectomy for fun.) I called Zest to see what I could do. I sent the concierge the bill and some other documents right in the app. They worked with the payor and provider and filed an appeal on my behalf. The appeal was approved! Thanks to Zest, I saved over $7,000. I can’t thank the concierge enough for advocating for me. They worked a miracle!”

Sort out your bill with Zest


Chat, email, or call us and let us know your situation.

We’ll let you know which documents we need from you to start our research.

Now we’ll start investigating your bill. We’ll let you know what we find!

How Zest billing advocacy works

We review your benefits and bill line-by-line to make sure they match up.

When you need billing assistance, we’ll start out by reviewing some documents from you. Anything you need to share is simple to send — just take a photo and send to us directly in the Zest app or by email. We might need documents like:

  • Your bill
  • Explanation of benefits (EOB)
  • Any additional paperwork, like a confirmation of precertification or order for a diagnostic test

Then, we get to work. Here we look for any discrepancies with eligibility, comment codes explaining processing by your carrier, and your provider’s network status.

Depending on what we find, we’ll contact your provider or insurance carrier to resolve any issues. We’ll keep you in the loop on what kind of resolution you can expect — and when you can expect it.

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