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Elle's Zest story

“I called Zest to schedule a dermatologist appointment for an exam. The benefits expert explained I’d need to pay out-of-pocket for the appointment since a dermatologist is considered a specialist and I hadn’t yet met my deductible. They suggested I visit my PCP, who could provide the same exam as part of an annual physical. It would be totally covered by my insurance as preventive care. I was thankful Zest took the time to explain my options to me. Otherwise I would have spent a ton!”

Three ways we help you save on healthcare costs


In-network care

We always find you a doctor who’s in your network. It’s one of the most reliable ways to save on healthcare costs.

Proper care direction

When you talk with a Zest nurse, they’ll help you determine the right level of care and right type of doctor for your symptoms or situation.


Talk with a teledoctor in a flash. It’s convenient and generally costs just a copay.

Healthcare is expensive. We help minimize those costs.

Healthcare is one of the least entertaining things to spend your money on. Let us help you spend less by finding you to in-network care, directing you to proper care, giving your fair price estimates for procedures, and connecting you to a teledoctor.

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