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Eric's Zest story

“I sent the Zest concierge a chat message to get an explanation of coverage for me and my pregnant wife. I uploaded a couple documents into the app and they gave me a full scope of our coverage during the pregnancy. I learned what was 100% covered and the expenses we could expect. I felt so much better knowing Zest would be there when we were expecting!”

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Is this doctor in-network? Where can I get my kid vaccinated? What’s the in-network “allowed amount” of my procedure? Is it just me, or does this “explanation of benefits” not actually explain anything? These are questions we can help you with. We’re here to give you straight answers when you’re looking for them.

Contact us in the Zest app or give us a call for:

  • General benefits questions
  • Finding in-network care
  • Scheduling  in-network care
  • Contacting a Zest nurse
  • Figuring out a bill (psst — you can upload documents right in the app!)
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