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3 easy ways to improve your nutrition

One of these is you:

a. I eat healthfully all the time. I’m only here because I wanted to see if you could teach me something.
b. I do okay with my eating habits. Could be better, could be worse.
c. My breakfast came from a drive-through. Please don’t judge.

We get it. You’re a person. Maybe you’re a B trying to be an A, or last week you were a C because life happens. In honor of National Nutrition Month, here are our three favorite tips to keep eating habits on track.

  1. Drink tea.
    Arguably tastier than water, tea has some compelling health benefit links, including weight management, lowered risk of disease, and immune system support. Stay hydrated while getting a boost of antioxidants. To get the most out of your tea, brew it yourself without sweetener. We recommend: green and white teas for high flavonoid content (flavonoids are a type of antioxidant), peppermint to help with digestion, anti-inflammatory hibiscus tea for liver protection.
  2. Take the healthful opportunity.
    See a farmer’s stand with incredible-looking produce on your drive home? Pull over. Discover a tasty juice bar right by work? Stop in. Dinner and drinks with friends you haven’t seen in forever? Go for it, and keep it in check with a lighter, nutritious lunch of breakfast.
  3. Go local.
    Anything locally grown or locally raised takes less time to get to you. Shorter travel time means produce can be picked when it’s ripe, so it’s tastier, with fewer lost nutrients during transit. Look for seasonal produce and eggs from locally raised sources on your next grocery run.
Deborah Fellinger
Content strategist at Zest Health. Writes copy, drinks coffee. Author of this and other sentences.