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Chances are, you selected a new health insurance plan for 2017. Hopefully, all of your preferred physicians are still in your network. But what do you do if you find your insurance no longer covers your primary care physician?

Think of your primary care physician, or PCP, as your first point of contact in your healthcare journey. No matter what your concern, your PCP makes sure you’re on the right track to health. Your PCP is who you visit for annual physicals and when you feel sick with a common ailment, like the flu or a sore throat.

However, your PCP can also help guide you to the correct care for more complicated ailments. Based on your symptoms, your PCP is the best person to help guide you to the correct specialist and can give you referrals for specific doctors. For example, if you think you have allergies, your PCP can help you determine if over-the-counter medication will work for you or if you need to see an allergist, offering suggestions of who to see.

If you recently lost your PCP due to enrolling in a new health insurance plan for 2017, we have you covered. We help you search for your ideal doctor using a range of criteria including:

  • Gender
  • Language spoken
  • Location
  • Availability

We'll make sure your next doctor fits the profile of what matters to you. To get started, tap Schedule me or Chat with a team member in the Zest app.

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