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Find your coverage, no investigation necessary

My dear friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, is a consulting detective of the highest caliber. He is a tad bohemian in his habits, and smokes a pipe, which as a doctor, I don’t recommend. His methods can be peculiar, but are proven effective. I trust no one more than he to solve a quandary.

A day of sleuthing behind us, we sat by the fire in Holmes’ apartment on Baker Street, enjoying a glass of claret. (A red wine Holmes enjoys; fine in moderation.)

Holmes swirled his wine. His brow furrowed in concentration. “My dear Watson,” he said. “I am a detective, and a good one, I’m told. I can track down missing jewels, missing persons ... but I cannot seem to find my insurance coverage.”

It was my turn to smirk. Holmes often chides me for failing to observe, yet this was the case when he neglected to do just that.

“Elementary, Holmes,” I said, borrowing one of his favorite phrases. “Follow the clues. It’s all under Benefits. You can view your vision, dental, and medical under your insurance card. Swipe right to see!”

Holmes’ brow furrowed further. “My dear Watson,” said he, “I had no idea. Vision, dental, and medical –– it’s all here.”

“Yes, Holmes,” I said. “You simply had not updated your app. The Zest app is a great tool for anyone, especially those who are not blessed with your skill of deduction.” I nodded in satisfaction.

Holmes sighed, and tipped his wine glass. “Good doctor, you have cracked the case for me.”

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Deborah Fellinger
Content strategist at Zest Health. Writes copy, drinks coffee. Author of this and other sentences.