Deborah Fellinger
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Make your New Year’s resolutions stick

New year’s resolutions are a tricky beast. Of course we want to be improved versions of ourselves. (New year, new you, right? Yeah, heard that one before.) But we also need to make some actual changes to do so. Set yourself up for success with these tips.

  1. Keep it actionable. Sure, you know what you want to achieve. But how? Actions for a resolution to lose weight, for instance, could be to work out three days per week, or to make sure every meal you eat includes a serving of fruit or vegetables. Action leads to change.
  2. Keep it simple.It may be tempting to make lots of big changes. Change hangs on willpower. Willpower is a limited resource, and when you take on too much, it can becoming overwhelming and easy to fall into your regular defaults. Focus on what’s priority to adjust in your life and routine.
  3. Keep it consistent. Here’s where forming new habits comes into play. Scheduling a habit on a calendar, or, writing down when you performed the habit, can help you stay steady. (Having a record of how you did can be pretty motivating, too.)

And finally –– keep at it. It may take time to see progress. But with smart planning, tracking, and drive, your goals are yours to achieve. Contact the Zest concierge to schedule an appointment with your doctor to start off the new year in good health.

Deborah Fellinger
Content strategist at Zest Health. Writes copy, drinks coffee. Author of this and other sentences.