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Stress-relief tips for the holiday season

Giving. Sharing. Togetherness. Family obligations. Increased spending. Diet temptations, everywhere. The holiday season is complicated, at best. It’s a time of enjoyment –– and some real stresses. If sleighbells cause you holiday stress, try these tactics.

Budget your spending.
For many, winter holidays = increased spending. Making –– and sticking to –– a budget can help you celebrate without the risk of financial issues. Categorize how you need to spend money during the season. Be it gifts, travel, or hosting duties, define the extra spending you’ll need to do. Then, split up your spending.

Set expectations with your time.
Time, like money, can involve budgeting. It’s a limited resource, so parse out how you want to spend it to limit the stress of feeling overextended. Be upfront: “We can only stay until 4, unfortunately,” or “That sounds like fun. I wish I could make it!” shows others you appreciate the invite while giving you some room to breathe.

Keep it moving.
Exercise is a great stress reliever. Even a brisk walk around the block can lift your spirits. Get up and move when you need a break socializing at a company holiday party or after the annual turkey dinner.

Embrace the seasonal treats.
Part of the holiday fun is enjoying the festive food –– the secret family recipe eggnog or peppermint chocolate what-have-you. So do it! Keep it in balance by skipping what you can get any time, like cheese from a cheese plate or a sugar cookie (even if it is shaped like a Santa).

Deborah Fellinger
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