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Reduce holiday weight gain

Do you gain an extra 5 pounds during the holiday season? You’re not alone. From Halloween through New Years Day, there are parties galore and an over-abundance of indulgent foods available. Combine those excess calories with a decrease in physical activity due to the cold weather, and it’s easy to see how that extra weight creeps up on you.

Here are a few tips to help reduce the chance of gaining those extra pounds.

  • Be realistic – aim to maintain weight. Enjoy the holidays without trying to lose weight.
  • Maintain a regular schedule. Continuing your physical activity will combat holiday stress and weight gain.
  • Don’t skip meals the day of a party. Starving before can lead to binging later.
  • Choose foods you don’t eat daily. Indulge in a few treats, but keep portion control in mind. A small taste may satisfy a craving.
  • Move the conversation away from the food area. You’ll be less tempted to grab random bites of food throughout the party.
  • Alcohol is high in calories and lowers inhibitions, which may lead to over-indulging. Try replacing or alternating alcoholic beverages with sparkling water.

Enjoy the holiday season!

Lisa Perry
Registered dietitian nutritionist who believes proper nutrition has the power to transform health. Loves dark chocolate.