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Make a date with your doctor

When you’re feeling sick, you’ll see your primary care physician (PCP). They look in your ears, listen to your lungs, have you open your mouth and say “ahhh.” They’ll recommend care and you’re on your way. Pretty standard, right?

But to ensure you can see your PCP when you’re sick, you’ll want to first see your PCP when you aren’t. Take the time to establish care with a doctor when you’re well. By not establishing care, you’re limiting your options later. (Going to the ER or urgent care when you have a sinus infection is a costly choice.)

When looking for a PCP, you can choose a family practice or general medicine physician. Women can also declare a gynecologist as their PCP.

While it may feel like a chore to establish care with a new doctor, it’s an important meeting. You need to meet your doctor, and your doctor needs to meet you. You’ll likely go through your health history, family health history, and social history. It’s not the most pleasant activity divulging personal info a near-stranger, but remember –– your PCP is there for your health, and it’s up to you to take the first step.

Think of a trip to your PCP as a first date, except you’ll continue to see each other sporadically for the rest of your days.

To schedule your appointment date with your PCP, contact us! If you already have a PCP, search for your doctor and submit a few times that work for you under Scheduling in the Zest app. Or, call the Zest concierge at 866.333.4725. If you need assistance choosing a new in-network PCP.

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